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July 30, 2012

Where To Find Me

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This past year has been the most unpredictable of my life. I miss blogging terribly but as we heard often on the Mad Tea Party hop, nothing is as it seems.

I have heard that WordPress has changed greatly since I have been away, so coming back will require time for a learning curve. I look forward to that.

Meanwhile, I do a few posts on Blogger at
including announcements of many giveaways, contests, reading challenges, and as autumn approaches several more large themed hops, in which I hope you participate.

You can find me on pinterest at
and if you leave a comment with your name/address I can follow you there.

It seems I am on facebook most of all, having joined new groups and taking a few classes online there as well.  Laura DogsMom
You can subscribe to my feed or send me messages!

And just this week I am slowly being convinced to join twitter so I can follow the junk girls as they take the 127 World’s Longest Yard Sale by storm, coming from all over including Canada!    What should I use as a handle/twitter name?

The household has a few new babies and sadly a few of the older ones are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  It is the cycle of life.


I want to continue the blogging relationships I value so highly.

July 14, 2012

Mad Tea Party 2012

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Begin here


I am not hosting a party this year but look what else we can look forward to!

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January 8, 2012

Snapshots Of Savings

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It is the time of year where I am sharing computer time once again so this post will be very brief.

I shared with you the only after Christmas trip I made to Goodwill to take advantage of the 15% off Customer Appreciation coupon.

Have you heard that now Goodwill has a new savings program in place – a loyalty type program where you build points as you spend?  What a time for me to cut back on my visits!

Here are a few snapshots of things I picked up after the holidays at 75% off, before the additional 15% discount was applied. Each of these items had been marked 49 cents (which is generally the lowest our GW will go – the exceptions being the $1.00 Target items sell for a quarter.) Even the Dollar Tree items which we all KNOW sold for a dollar originally are marked at least 99 cents if not higher. Preaching to the choir…..

vintage bells

vintage style sled

vintage mini angels

Oh and of course now I can not get photos to work as I wish.    Sorry.

These are things that I hope to use in crafty endeavors this year.

I will be back to do another post shortly.

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This week has flown past, I missed REDnesday!


Thrifty Things Friday

January 2, 2012

Announcing A New Weekly Link Party

Our creative and thrifty (and generous) pal Van from

has begun 2012 with a fresh and ambitious outlook.

She is encouraging us all to share our goals once a week with a Sunday link party which will help us to remain focused and allow us to encourage and cheer on each other.

Let’s all contribute to making her new link up a success.

I would also love to hear what is working best for you in reaching your goals when you post.

Still suffering from the deadly head cold virus here (and lack of oxygen that comes with it) so posting mainly blog announcements and giveaway chances and party hops and reading and crafting challenges on my other blog.

If you have something you wish for me to promote, please give me a little advance notice.

My email address is found on my About Me page or you can find me on FaceBook as Laura DogsMom or Google Plus as LJ DogsMom.  On Etsy and Pinterest I have the screen name Bestlectic.

Does anyone have links to how best to use G+ and Pinterest?
My goals for 2012 include learning how to use those sites to a better advantage with a minimum of time involved.  A goal I am working on (continuously) is to organize my home and work space so I can more easily sell off the excess. I have already read 2 books in 2012! Now to let them go and move on.

I went out once only after Christmas to take advantage of the 75% off Christmas items at a local Goodwill Store and the customer appreciation 15% coupon.  I will show you the goodies as soon as I can breathe again.

I will add the names of the parties I am linking up to as soon as I see who is up and running.

I fear I have been away a looooooong time!

I want to add a few words here about another new linky party good for those of us wishing to show off our collections.

Some Good Stuff  at Some Good Times blog will be a weekly link up to show off your collections.


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