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February 12, 2010

Tithing: Test Me In This : a book review

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Tithing: test me in this  by Douglas LeBlanc is part of The Ancient Practices series from Thomas Nelson Books cr 2010

We have all heard the term tithing. Most associate it with religion and with money.
This book by Douglas LeBlanc, a trained journalist, takes the reader on a journey and shares eleven snapshots of how individuals tithe.
It also digs deeper than individual tithing to discuss forms of responsibly giving back outside of the church as well as sustainable sourcing and environmental consciousness.  The evolution of tithing.

Tithing’s roots began in an agricultural society, when staples such as grains, oils and wine were supplied to the less fortunate;  community helping  its members survive.
Modern day people associate charitable giving with money. Tithing is tied to what is necessary for survival.
           But who’s survival?

The idea behind tithing is to give without thought of return or personal benefit. Do not expect to be repaid in the same commodity, form or fashion, as you tithe.  In the book it is suggested that if you automatically put aside 10%, or your chosen amount,  from the top of your income,  towards the charity of your choice,  you will not miss or regret it,  as you do not consider it lost.

Some of the stories bring up controversial ideas. You will learn behind the scenes histories of people and organizations that may surprise you.

This is not the type of book I would seek out.  I found the beginning a bit difficult to get into.  However I did enjoy it as I read through it.  It is a book that will make you think.

I was given this book to review. I will be passing it along and not making it a permanent item on my bookshelf.



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  2. I was brought up in a Pentecostal Church so I learned about tithing very early in life. I was taught that the first 10 percent went to the church, but have learned that giving – regardless of whether it’s monetary or not – is tithing. Like you said, giving to charities, etc. I believe that that also includes giving to those who need it that aren’t necessarily attached to a charity. Whatever our hearts tell us … It is definitely an ongoing debate ’cause a lot of churches say that tithing is 10 percent of your income to the church. However, the scripture says 10 percent of your “increase” so wouldn’t that mean if you were blessed with new clothes or someone gave you clothes that you could give 10 percent of that (because it was increase) and that would be tithing? I think that’s the true meaning of it. I’m not sure of the “new” interpretations of increase, but that’s what I think. 🙂

    Comment by Petula — February 13, 2010 @ 10:05 PM

  3. Interesting, sounds like they really spoke to a lot of different people and experiences.

    Comment by Beeb — February 23, 2010 @ 12:29 PM

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