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November 30, 2010

Under the Weather

Filed under: Uncategorized — Laura R @ 8:18 AM

When I am feeling better I hope to visit with you all.



For now I’m not going anywhere  in person or virtually.



  1. Hope you feel better soon:@)

    Comment by Happier Than A Pig in Mud — November 30, 2010 @ 11:18 AM

  2. Aw! I hope you feel bettter soon! And you have stand-ins to take care of the army, while you’re under the weather (but, I know better)

    Comment by Stumpy and Cyndi — November 30, 2010 @ 11:26 AM

  3. Bless your heat! Sendin’ hugs and healin’ prayers you way.

    God bless and feel better…”K”???

    Comment by Nezzy — November 30, 2010 @ 8:00 PM

  4. Get better soon!

    Comment by D.K. Wall and The Thundering Herd — November 30, 2010 @ 8:12 PM

  5. Thanks for stopping by my typewriter blog! Hope you are feeling much better. Happy holidays to you and yours 🙂

    Comment by Adwoa — December 2, 2010 @ 9:00 AM

  6. Okay – I am hoping you are feeling better now. I’m glad I can’t catch it though.

    Thanks for joining my blog. I have looked at yours and I think we look at life a lot the same.

    I can’t find out where to join yours either.


    Nice to meet ya…


    Comment by Sandie — December 2, 2010 @ 12:17 PM

  7. So sorry you’re not well. Hope you are soon up and at um! laurie

    Comment by laurie — December 2, 2010 @ 7:50 PM

  8. Still not feeling better??? Bummer! Yes, hang those flying pigs on the porch, at least that will give you a smile:@)

    Comment by Happier Than A Pig in Mud — December 4, 2010 @ 11:19 AM

  9. I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for entering my giveaway.


    Comment by Rene — December 6, 2010 @ 12:18 PM

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