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June 7, 2011

Dream Sharing To Create Success (Intro)

How often do you wish your blog would generate income? Do you dream about staying at home and making money online by doing something you find enjoyable? Have you taken the time to focus and make a plan to achieve any of those dreams? 

They say the difference between a dream and a goal is planned action.

Once a month Selena of Apron Thrift Girl invites us to share our dreams, be they money oriented or any other.   

Jill, of Creating My Way To Success, is determined to make earning money from home, and from her blog, an achievable goal.
She is using the SMART plan.

Specific             Measurable              Actionable                Realistic                Timed

It is simple to find thousands of places to help you efficiently plan goals
Back “in the day”  my favorite goal guru was Zig Ziglar

(He and I were both a lot younger then.)
I have most of his books and many of his cassette tape presentations.
  (No 8-tracks.)

   Other goals trainers you may have heard of are Brian Tracy and  Anthony Robbins.  

  Fun fact about Tony:  he has developed and produced a series of 4 television infomercials which have continuously aired on average every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day somewhere in North America since their initial introduction in April 1989.

To reach her goal Jill created a blog hop to attract more views, 
added specific types of ads, is joining other sites where people are doing what she wants to do and who would also be customers of her dream.

On Wednesdays she interviews other creative people about their journey to success.

To join in Selena’s Dream Share        and Jill’s Creating My Way To Success hops  I am working on a few “thinking aloud” posts .  I’ll ramble on about what to do to look for a legitimate opportunity.  I’ll ask for suggestions (if anyone is actually reading or cares.)
I’ll share my struggles and experiences and maybe my half baked ideas.
What I will NOT be doing is suggest any one site is better than any other or guarantee that any method will work the same for everyone.

My opinions will be 100% my own. 

The next part of this post follows.


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  1. Two very interesting posts, it will be interesting to see what eventuates.

    Comment by Melody — June 7, 2011 @ 11:22 PM

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