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January 8, 2012

Snapshots Of Savings

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It is the time of year where I am sharing computer time once again so this post will be very brief.

I shared with you the only after Christmas trip I made to Goodwill to take advantage of the 15% off Customer Appreciation coupon.

Have you heard that now Goodwill has a new savings program in place – a loyalty type program where you build points as you spend?  What a time for me to cut back on my visits!

Here are a few snapshots of things I picked up after the holidays at 75% off, before the additional 15% discount was applied. Each of these items had been marked 49 cents (which is generally the lowest our GW will go – the exceptions being the $1.00 Target items sell for a quarter.) Even the Dollar Tree items which we all KNOW sold for a dollar originally are marked at least 99 cents if not higher. Preaching to the choir…..

vintage bells

vintage style sled

vintage mini angels

Oh and of course now I can not get photos to work as I wish.    Sorry.

These are things that I hope to use in crafty endeavors this year.

I will be back to do another post shortly.

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December 2, 2011

Mystery Tiles

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As we are having some MORE major changes to the household today I have but a minute to share this mystery with you.

I bought these cute holiday tiles at the local small town thrift yesterday along with other 25 cent items.

Please help me figure it out.

What should they spell?


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The mystery has been solved. It is indeed a last name, Ramminger, which was a home interiors store too.

November 28, 2011

CraigsList Box Continued

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Yesterday I showed you the crosstitch items I bought from a CraigsList ad.

I mentioned that there were other items in the box. Here is a quick representational view.
(I won’t bore you with everything.)

I have other versions of these punch stitch kits and have to admit I don’t remember the last time I tried doing this.
Who admits to being old enough to remember Macrame?
Does anyone decorate with macrame any more?   Will it come back into style?

a closer look

what is this called?

Still asking how to use this gadget.
edit: I have been told this is a needle threader

Lots of other small goodies as well.

So while I did not face the after holiday/pre holiday sales crowds I did shop local this past week.

I also spent Black Friday entering online contests. To see my posts about thousands of giveaways and online party opportunities, please click here.

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November 27, 2011

Shopping CraigsList

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Since I joined (very recently) the new millenium and upgraded technology to include a somewhat “smart” phone (Android OS) I have CraigsList at my finger (or rather, thumb) tip. What’s a girl to do but check in more frequently?

I saw an ad that was vague but sounded made for me.

“Box of cross stitch things including 100 units of thread” with no photo and a phone number.  The man who answered the phone said he did not know much about it, except there were all colors of threads and a few hoops. (ha)
Maybe some patterns and materials too.

When he told me where he lived I knew I wanted to go pick up this box regardless of what was in it. How I wish I could have taken pictures of his place.
Imagine your dream log cabin.  And for some of us not one but TWO
(with a third being built) dream log GARAGES.

(I will try to add representative photos from the web to get you started.)

Mike and Frank would swoon, except for the cleanliness of it all. Vintage gas pumps and old car heaven.

He had the box in one garage so invited us inside.

I could see right away it was not only cross stitch things, but having a crafty soul, as well as always looking for things to share, I was still interested. And the price was good.

fabric and hoops

Not exactly as I pictured, but nice enough.

There were not one, or two, but three plastic storage boxes,

Something else that delighted me is several packages of thread cards.
I won’t have to make my own for a while, if ever again.

Can someone help me out? What is this? 

I am guessing it is for winding floss but have no idea how to use it.

Yes, there are also patterns in the box, all of which speak to my country heart
 and others that speak to my love of architectural elements. ( also country.)

You say the boxes and all are nice but were there really over 100 units of floss?
It is all DMC original floss from the 80s or older. Does anyone know how I tell the age?

Besides the carded colors in the boxes (the original DMC wrappers are included – any ideas for a craft using those?) I received almost 300 more skeins.
I apologize. I should have taken this picture using natural light.

I will share what else was in the box  in my next post.  I want to get this linked up to:

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November 18, 2011

Bingo Bounty

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This past Halloween I was introduced to online BINGO, or more specifically Blog BINGO.

The hostess, in this case the wonderful Angela of The BLING Theory, will list a number of words in a blog post. The readers choose a certain number of words they wish to have on their virtual BINGO card. Each reader must email their list back to the hostess before the game begins.

   Once the game begins the hostess “calls out” words at regular intervals – it could be hourly or daily or whatever has been specified.

When all of your words have been called (this would be considered a full card game)
you email the hostess to claim BINGO.   The time of your email would settle any dispute if more than one reader claimed BINGO on the same day, unless the rules stated otherways.
(OK – how do you spell it? Otherwise or otherways? I have seen both.)

Beginner’s luck worked for me.     

Who does not love getting a huge box of goodies from the mail carrier?

Especially when it contains oodles and oodles of crafting goodies!

I know there are many out there lusting after this delicious pink possibilities package.

and as befit the season, some wonderful Eternal Love as well.

This bountiful RAK crafty package from Angela included many Teresa Collins papers and embellishments, plus stencils and other goodies to keep me happy during the coming cold months.

Oh- and Teresa has some free goodies for you as well.  Be prepared to fall in love with her blog.

I would also love for you to get to know Angels’s work from her UStream videos and her NING Network Creative Perspectives.

A super HUGE Thank You to Angela for this wonderful gift and for a fun time.

For those of you who can not get enough PINK GOODNESS, please click the link to visit Ms Beverly’s Saturday Party.

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