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April 9, 2012

Still Around and Keeping Busy

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November 20, 2011

Holiday Basket Bonus

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Yes, I will admit that the time has come to do a little of that major holiday shopping.
Of course I am not one to face the ginormous throng of after Thanksgiving shoppers.
(Target photos taken off web)

I prefer to sift through things cast off to make room for this years retail haul.

Reuse Industries thrift store

Even though not as well organized or categorized (you may be amazed where you find items)
the advantages to thrift shopping are enjoying the hunt (exercise and entertainment factors)
paying lower prices and feeling that your purchase is helping others
also knowing that you were not the only person to think this item was worth trading hard earned cash.
Yes, sometimes we wonder who thinks up some products.

I have a small collection of reindeer items. Small, if you do not include my ever growing collection of Rodney and Rhondas.    ko_so_tp_rodney.jpg49a489.jpg
Yes, in all sizes and made of various materials.

But I digress.  I was out killing some time, after a much necessary trip to the pet food place.

Not my fault they are close to each other! I came across this wonderful basket.

Cute, festive, can be used for the entire winter season. And I was not starting a new collection.

My mistake was leaving it and the pet food in the van overnight.

Look what I found the next morning.

Any guesses how this got in here?

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September 12, 2011

On The Way To The Nursing Home…

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What is it about September this year? I have not seen so many estate sales on the same weekend and in this case within a five mile radius!

I have not been online as often as I would like for a few weeks because we have been dealing with “issues” – both computer issues and family health issues.

This past week we moved my mother into a nursing home for observation and evaluation.
Of course she is already asking “How long…” and saying she wants to be home.
To keep her from feeling abandoned, those who can visit are taking turns so we do not descend upon her all at once and scare her into thinking her future is dismal.  My turn came on Saturday.

Well, you know what happens on Saturdays, when the weather is perfect and the van has been cleaned out!  I wasn’t even driving, so you can not blame me.

Here is what the van looked like before we made our visit to the nursing home.

There was one specific ad that called my name – cleaning out 50 years of Grandma’s accumulation.
I really wanted to be standing in line when they opened, but as I said, I was not driving.

On the way to that sale we HAD to pass other sales using the word “estate” and I prefer the ones not being run by an Estate Sale company.

view from other side of van

Let me tell you, the prices were so good I ALMOST did not haggle or negotiate, but of course that is part of the fun.

I will show details in posts later this week but the quick preview –

a whole box of toys that spans several generations

Grandpa had a workshop in the basement filled with TONS of goodies

vintage cans

fun items to use as graphics

as well as some practical items, other crafting supplies and something too good to pass up! 
(Maybe more than one thing too good to pass up. )

So, if you can not be the FIRST person at an estate sale, it is always good to be the LAST person there.

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August 7, 2011

The Cat’s Meow In The Cupboard

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I have been working on clearing out and reorganizing my main display area of the house, a built in china hutch between my galley kitchen and breakfast nook.
I am sure it was originally designed to hold the household dishes but when I moved in this display case was taken over by gnomes and dog figures and cat collectibles and, at some point, COWS.

Since they were pushed back behind other, more recently found treasures, I guess they were from my early days of farm living. Or pre farm dreams. 
Some will be spared but others are soon to find their fate on CraigsList or some other venue.
I love my thrifting but have come to the age where if I am not displaying, appreciating, and enjoying my treasures I want them to go to other shelves…in other homes.

I was browsing thrift blogs, as I prefer to do for relaxation and online window shopping time. On one of the link ups I saw a very familiar thumbnail leading to A La Modern.  The reason this got my attention is those Modern folk (Bryan & Linda) know their collectibles and valuables.  I was downright excited that maybe I had something good and had picked it up for a quarter or half dollar.

In the same cabinet with all those cows reside a larger and smaller version of clay cats. I apologize in advance for the fuzzy pictures. Those darn cats would not sit still.

So, they are not the designer cats described by A La Modern, but to be honest, I like mine better. Are they really designed to be Chia Pets?

 Only the larger one is marked.

You can see mine do not have the black outlined faces.

The question this week at The House On The Side Of The Hill is: What do you treasure?
While famous names might increase the value of simple objects I am still happy with low prices and objects that make me smile.


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July 27, 2011

Silly Pet Photo

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Although my computer is still giving me problems, I found a new weekly link up I would like to share. Please join in showing your Silly Pet Photo for the week.

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