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June 14, 2011

Dream Sharing to Create Success (Part 2)

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In South Pacific,  Bloody Mary said:

You got to have a dream
If you don’t have a dream
How you gonna have a dream
come true?


I started this series of posts by suggesting that most of us would appreciate making some money from the comfort of home or the flexibility of choosing our own hours while earning an income.
I did some thinking aloud about how one typically looks for an opportunity to generate income without a “regular” job or even with a regular job that can be done without a commute.

One can get lost for years in the available resources.  Are there any shortcuts or maps?
Even the yellow brick road had a definite starting point. It was not until Dorothy was entering the forest that she had to make choices.


If you are not interested in my success posts you may enjoy the short story about Dorothy and Toto that you can read by clicking on Dorothy‘s name.

What should you do before you sign up for email from all the get rich gurus?
Are there steps you can take to prepare for the choices that lie ahead?

One thing is to know your core values.  Know things that you are NOT willing to do
or things you are not willing to give up for the sake of making money.

Know what interests you and what you care about.

Take a look at the tv shows you watch,
the magazines you read,
the Facebook pages you like.
Are you most interested in fashion or food or romance novels or money or criminal science?
What could you talk about all day every day and not be bored?

We’ve all heard “what would you do if you never had to worry about money?”
That’s not the point.  We do want to focus on money as well as doing something we enjoy.   

OK – another thought that is out of place here.  One really great thing about researching an article like this is finding videos of presentations and lectures and motivational talks that I could never attend in person  (money, time, distance) free online.  I have to hold myself back from sharing them all at the time I find them.
Stick with me and I will share links to several in various posts on this subject.
Now back to the idea I should be talking about.

You want to make money doing something you enjoy and will stick with.
You’ve thought more about your own personal characteristics and interests.
You have identified WHY you want money and have given yourself a goal of a specific
dollar figure to shoot for.
You have an idea of how you’d like to achieve your dreams  –
writing a blog or making things to sell or creating recipes for a cookbook  or traveling and taking photographs or reviewing historic monuments or painting portraits of people’s pets from photos they mail to you or  one or two related ways  (related to each other) of generating an inflow of money.

HOW do you get started? 

My first suggestion is to identify people who are already doing some of what you want to do,
or what you want to do some of.
You want to see what is being done and how so that you can put your own spin on your ideas.
You are not out to be a carbon copy.
You want to see what is already being  done and learn how they began to do it so you can
learn from their journey and not make getting started any more difficult for yourself.  Read their profiles and interviews they’ve done and many will have a “my story” tab or tagline on posts.
Start at the beginning of the yellow brick road and follow the proper way until you come to the
edge of the forest and need to choose from the divergent paths.

I know I’ve been covering the vague, basic things to consider so far, but in the next post I will show you steps I have taken and share things that are helping me.

In the comments please tell me who you think are the best at what they do online?
Who is a blogger we should all dream of emulating?
A photographer who is making money from a website?
An extreme couponer or a freebie sharer.
Can you share the names of the Ebay and Etsy marketing geniuses?
What is the most unusual way you know that someone is making a living?
I can do a post on that all by itself.  Nancy Rica- Schiff compiled 2 books on the topic.

I have been reading success stories and interviews with creative types and the Etsy “Quit Your Day Job” series searching for common threads that transcend the how people are succeeding.
Ideas that will work for sewers and bakers and sculpters and singers and comedians and couponers.

Do you know any of your favorite blogs that also do interviews about how someone got started making an income online?  Please share.

Here is 5 Minutes for Mom’s  interview with Ree Drummond about
How did you do this?  (Both great sites to spend time on.)

Read 5 Minutes for Mom’s other interviews here 

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Wordy Wednesday


June 7, 2011

Dream Sharing To Create Success (Part 1)

The introduction to what I am doing here is in the previous post.
It became so long I divided it into two posts.

What is the typical way one begins to search for a way to make money from home, from a blog, or even from their backyard or beachfront hammock? 

When I first started my journey towards being wealthy and happy there were ads in the back of magazines.  Is that still done today?  

Most will use their favorite search engine with terms like “Work from Home” or “Make Money Online.”     

     How many zillions of pages turn up with such a search? 

Just because one page is high on the results or shows up frequently in the first few pages does that mean this site is the best answer for you?  Does it even mean it is a legitimate opportunity?

How does one know who is honest, who has your best interests on their agenda, along with making money themselves, who is qualified to lead you? 

(Image source)

How can one protect herself not only from financial loss and the influx of dozens of email she does not desire but also from humiliation, frustration and wasting precious time?

Besides researching opportunities one must also look into scams and complaints. Remember no one will please everyone. Even the “Good Guys” draw complaints and criticism.

More considerations determining the length and enjoyability of your success journey are knowing WHY you want to earn money and WHY you choose the methods you choose.

I admit I am an over thinker.   

I try not to be a pessimist but I like to know some options.

Will you write e-books or submit articles to print or digital publications?
Will you sell your crafts or found treasures from an online shop (I have some sources to share for these areas also) or a booth.
Are you looking for passive affiliate income?  Jill did a nice post on this.

Are you confident enough for work that requires recruiting other associates?

Just like any goal program, weight loss or education or learning a new creative skill, having others to talk to, to listen, to share experiences with, is crucial to not only moving forward but to enjoying one’s journey.

Being miserable with the hopes of finding something called success is never the right way. 

The cliché that success is a journey not a destination is 100% true.
One never arrives at success even when one experiences success along the way.

If you have read this far let me thank you profusely.

If you would like to know more of my thoughts, please visit again. I will try to be informative.
If you just want to know who inspires me to think these crazy thoughts, please visit my inspiration page.

I would love to know who inspires you and if you have a mentor.

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Dream Sharing To Create Success (Intro)

How often do you wish your blog would generate income? Do you dream about staying at home and making money online by doing something you find enjoyable? Have you taken the time to focus and make a plan to achieve any of those dreams? 

They say the difference between a dream and a goal is planned action.

Once a month Selena of Apron Thrift Girl invites us to share our dreams, be they money oriented or any other.   

Jill, of Creating My Way To Success, is determined to make earning money from home, and from her blog, an achievable goal.
She is using the SMART plan.

Specific             Measurable              Actionable                Realistic                Timed

It is simple to find thousands of places to help you efficiently plan goals
Back “in the day”  my favorite goal guru was Zig Ziglar

(He and I were both a lot younger then.)
I have most of his books and many of his cassette tape presentations.
  (No 8-tracks.)

   Other goals trainers you may have heard of are Brian Tracy and  Anthony Robbins.  

  Fun fact about Tony:  he has developed and produced a series of 4 television infomercials which have continuously aired on average every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day somewhere in North America since their initial introduction in April 1989.

To reach her goal Jill created a blog hop to attract more views, 
added specific types of ads, is joining other sites where people are doing what she wants to do and who would also be customers of her dream.

On Wednesdays she interviews other creative people about their journey to success.

To join in Selena’s Dream Share        and Jill’s Creating My Way To Success hops  I am working on a few “thinking aloud” posts .  I’ll ramble on about what to do to look for a legitimate opportunity.  I’ll ask for suggestions (if anyone is actually reading or cares.)
I’ll share my struggles and experiences and maybe my half baked ideas.
What I will NOT be doing is suggest any one site is better than any other or guarantee that any method will work the same for everyone.

My opinions will be 100% my own. 

The next part of this post follows.

September 17, 2010

Friendly Faces to Help Others

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Pets come in all shapes and sizes. 
What makes a pet is the joy and companionship an animal brings to one’s heart and how it enhances one’s life.

These are a few of the pets I have had the opportunity to share time with this past year.

Before we continue, let me urge you to write a blog post today to help shelter dogs.  By writing about your pets, or allowing your pet to take over your blog today and write a post of their own, you can link up with the Pet Blog Hop  and for your post there will be a donation of a 20 pound bag of food from Pedigree.  Go to the Pedigree Facebook Adoption Drive page and LIKE them.
For a more clear description of the details, please click here.

Thursday, September 16 through Sunday, September 19,  the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers will host a Blog Hop, to help raise awareness for the “Write a post, help a dog” effort.

My cats and dogs have come from various rescue sources.
I have done transports and adoptathons and worked at the shelters cleaning cages and walking dogs and being with less fortunate animals in their final hours.

You have the opportunity TODAY to help make life a bit richer for dogs from the comfort of your own home.  Please help.

If you do not have a pet of your own, you may borrow one for use in writing a post for this event.  Spread the word, please.

 To my Follow Friday friends, I promise to visit each and everyone of you very soon.

September 6, 2010

Party Down Friday!

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Calling ALL barnyard partiers – goats and pigs and chickens and donkeys and horses and llama and sheep and cows and those hardworking pups and cats.
Bring all your friends to Lynn’s Barnyard Bash.

 Yes, she is Happier Than A Pig in Mud  to host this shindig.
Let’s show some appreciation and love.   I hear she is offering quite a selection of dips, too.

So grab your best beau


put on your dancing shoes

   costumes not required

and get ready to PARTY DOWN!

Starts Thursday night, but who knows how long it will continue – at least until the cows go home.

To get in the party moood, Wobble Over Wednesday for a Follow Me event.

Anyone getting ready for some Spooky Autumn delights, hop over to Spooky Mondays and join in.

Go now here  and add your name to the list for a Practical Magic  blog party on September 25, 2010.  There may be over 200 hundred blogs participating.

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