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January 17, 2012

Are You Getting Ready To Par–Tay?

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The ever delightful Laurie invites you over

for Valentine’s Day
(a few days early)

Write up your post featuring anything about LOVE and join in.

To view other announcements and events including giveaways, reading challenges, crafty parties, more Valentines parties, and other things I know you’ll want to learn about

please visit my announcement blog at

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January 2, 2012

Announcing A New Weekly Link Party

Our creative and thrifty (and generous) pal Van from

has begun 2012 with a fresh and ambitious outlook.

She is encouraging us all to share our goals once a week with a Sunday link party which will help us to remain focused and allow us to encourage and cheer on each other.

Let’s all contribute to making her new link up a success.

I would also love to hear what is working best for you in reaching your goals when you post.

Still suffering from the deadly head cold virus here (and lack of oxygen that comes with it) so posting mainly blog announcements and giveaway chances and party hops and reading and crafting challenges on my other blog.

If you have something you wish for me to promote, please give me a little advance notice.

My email address is found on my About Me page or you can find me on FaceBook as Laura DogsMom or Google Plus as LJ DogsMom.  On Etsy and Pinterest I have the screen name Bestlectic.

Does anyone have links to how best to use G+ and Pinterest?
My goals for 2012 include learning how to use those sites to a better advantage with a minimum of time involved.  A goal I am working on (continuously) is to organize my home and work space so I can more easily sell off the excess. I have already read 2 books in 2012! Now to let them go and move on.

I went out once only after Christmas to take advantage of the 75% off Christmas items at a local Goodwill Store and the customer appreciation 15% coupon.  I will show you the goodies as soon as I can breathe again.

I will add the names of the parties I am linking up to as soon as I see who is up and running.

I fear I have been away a looooooong time!

I want to add a few words here about another new linky party good for those of us wishing to show off our collections.

Some Good Stuff  at Some Good Times blog will be a weekly link up to show off your collections.


The Penny Worthy Project

Flea Market Finds

Blog Love

Goal Share


Thrift Share

Market Yourself

Motivated Monday


Anti Procrastination

Nifty Thrifty

September 23, 2011

Could The Witches Next Door Be Neighbors Too?

How well do you know the people next door?      Are they really what they seem?

Sally Owens wanted only to be the girl next door, to have a loving relationship
and children of her own.

Sadly, that was not to be her path in life.
She was not unhappy with the family she did share her life with.

She truly loved them dearly and would not want that part of her life to change.
Let’s face it- if you never got to associate with anyone but your immediate family,
you’d feel your life was missing something, wouldn’t you?

Who lives in the house next to you, or down the block?

The one with the beautiful flowers and the porch to die for?

Do you stop and say hello when you see someone working in the yard?

If the person in the yard looked something like this

I could see your hesitation but take away the green hue to her skin

and if you did not want her living next door I am sure your husband or son would not mind.

Who knows who will grow up to be a real witch? 

Sweet little Mary who worked with the blind children
could change her name to Vivian. 

 (Little House On The Prairie)

                             (Midnight Offerings)



Ahh, you say.  I have nothing to worry about.
The family next to me is so normal.

 Well, no, I have never stopped over and introduced myself,

and sometimes I see they dress up their cat,

not that I ever look into their windows.

The neighbors on the other side have the cutest little girl.

Come to think of it, I have not seen their dogs in a while.

Her husband is a bit uptight, though.  Maybe he is the one who’s not human?

(You do not have to watch more than a few seconds)


When you have the opportunity this week, please take a moment to say a kind word to your neighbors.
You may find a new friend or make a connection that turns out to be magical.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful and beautiful Miss Anna of Frosted Petunias for bringing us all together to celebrate this  enchanting movie.
Practical Magic Party List

Let me also mention Miss Anna is hosting a Witches Tea in October.
Click here for more details. 

I hope you will also return October 22nd to visit with me when I link up with the creative Vanessa  for her annual Halloween party.  I’d love if you party along and join in with a post.

Linking this post to Bacon Time with the Hungry Hippo’s Any Link Goes party.


Now a shameless plea of my own – please visit my party announcement blog where in the next few days I will be listing pages of parties, too many to fit one post.  If you do not mind, I would love to have a few followers.

If you would like me to add your favorite party or seasonal activity,
please email me at wismomworks (at) gmail (dot) com

And now, just for fun….

September 13, 2011

Going to The Dolls?

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One of the thrifty items that did NOT fall into the necessity category was soft dolls.  
Or should I say two things?

She is definitely not an original Raggedy Ann but was there an orange haired cousin perhaps?  Neither doll is marked, I doubt older than the 80s, if even that.  For a dime each I could afford to add them to my growing Raggedy collection. They also fit into the genre of promotional merchandising.

Ann was not inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame until 2002, when she was 86 years old.
For more fun facts about Raggedy Ann, her family and friends, click here.

A different collection I have also covers two genres (at least) : Campbell’s Soup and promotional merchandise.  I have many Campbells’ mugs and soup dishes, dating from the 1950s to the 2000s. Until this weekend I have not had a Campbell’s doll.

I scoured the house as best I could, even asking the young father overseeing the sale
(between burp towel changes) if he had perhaps seen a boy doll.
For now, Miss Campbell will have to enjoy the company of a canine best friend.
For an interesting read about the similarities between Dolly Dingle and the Campbell Soup Twins
click here.

One more promotional item that falls into the doll category is my friend Sprout.

This is a more modern version than the one I had as a child. I think the original Sprout was scarier.  This version has a friendlier, more positive vibe, better to convince youngsters to eat their vegetables.

Sprout,  the cute little wagon which I am sure once held flowers,  and his new doggie pal set me back 50 cents.

The last dolls, which in my greedy haste I mistook for a modernized Cabbage Patch Kid couple, are around 20 inches tall, made of a harder rubber and have “real” opening and closing eyes.
In fact they are made in Illinois by Davidcraft,  still in the 1980s.

After doing some research I am pleased to say each still wears original clothing, socks and shoes and has all eyelashes.

To read about more Tuesday Treasures, Thrifty Finds and Good Memories, please visit Charm Bracelet Diva’s Club GW,  The House on the Side of the Hill for Tuesday Treasures,  Tuesday’s Treasures at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia , and 2nd Time Around  on A Picture Is Worth…  And Meet Virginia’s Thriftoholics
On Wednesday Junker Newbie plays a game we call Would You Buy This?

September 9, 2011

Dreaming of a Gypsy Life

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Life has been stressful recently. Lack of bountiful income opportunities, health issues with aging parents, as well as a nonresponsive computer, too many weather disasters affecting friends all over the world… gloom and doom wherever one turns. I needed to get back to nature and find a way to look for positives in my life.  It was time to go for a walk in the woods!

As I was strolling I came across an abandoned covered wagon.

I began to think that I could climb on board and dream up a new life for myself,
one with less stress, fewer obligations, maybe even more fun?
It was time to take a deep breath, relax and dream.

I let my mind float away.   I began having Gypsy Dreams.
The forest I was in was filled with magic.

The covered wagon was now a proper Gypsy wagon  –

     just as I had dreamt about.

I found myself sitting on the wagon deck with an invitation in my hand.

I thought I was hearing music.

It was getting louder.

I had best get dressed in something more festive!

Can’t forget the striped stockings!   The woods were filling up with colors and laughter and excitement.

It was turning ino a grand Gypsy Party!

 And what is a Gypsy Gathering without Fortune Tellers?

    I have heard it told that looking into one’s future is a power passed along with Gypsy blood.  Things have been so crazy in my life, dare I look to the future? Did I really want to know?

Perhaps if I chose my reader carefully… looked for a kindly soul…

(I  kept searching)  

A good way to get to know people, ask questions and find what you seek is around a campfire. 
I needed to find the campfire.  

They were just beginning to light one.                            Where is the wood?
I was about to witness more of the Gypsy magical powers.

I can not give away all of the secrets I learned.

Perhaps if you visit me again for a Practical Magic Party, or  A Fanciful Twist’s Halloween Bash  you will learn more?
Kindly leave news of other magical parties in the comments section.

I did find my fortune teller and had a look into my future.

Thank you to our hostess on this Gypsy Dreams party hop. To visit her and find other participants, please click any Gypsy party link .

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