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July 12, 2013

Welcome Mad Tea Partiers!

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In case I was logged into wordpress when I commented on your blog and you ended up here, may I invite you to visit me at the following link


and please look for a post from me for the August OZ party sponsored by
The Domestic Witch!


January 17, 2012

Are You Getting Ready To Par–Tay?

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The ever delightful Laurie invites you over

for Valentine’s Day
(a few days early)

Write up your post featuring anything about LOVE and join in.

To view other announcements and events including giveaways, reading challenges, crafty parties, more Valentines parties, and other things I know you’ll want to learn about

please visit my announcement blog at

DogsMom Visits

July 21, 2010

Make My Day a Winner!

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I was thrilled to hear that I had won the giveaway from ME Monday over at The Cherry Chick
As this was my first time linking up it was a huge surprise.
  I give credit to my lucky number.



For those of you who think this is all about ME,  let me clarify –
the real ME is Mary Engelbreit.

The real Cherry Chick  is Vicki in Tampa who is a big fan of ME as well an incredible artist in her own right.

On Mondays you can link up your ME related post and share the joy.
My new joy includes SOCKS


which I may wear to meet up with some friends from high school next month.

Thank you Vicki!

I was so excited and had an energy burst which I decided to use  cleaning up my mess which led to more excitement when I rediscovered these

beautiful journals.


Yes, they are ME designed. 
So I will again link up on Monday at the Cherry Chick for ME Monday. 
Please join us.

Did you notice the black and white checker pattern on each journal?
(another hint at my checkered past)

I am sure I paid a quarter, at most, for the one with a pen.
It is the perfect size to fit into a bag or pocket.
The larger one was a bit more  but you know I never pay msrp.

Since this was a new adventure for me, and I met some new friends and am always looking to discover new blogs and interesting people and stories, I am linking up to Alicia’s Homemaking for
Try New Adventures Thursday.


For more thrifty finds and things that make you joyful
please link up with these parties:
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April 18, 2010

Daily Puglet Goes Green – Shows You How

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I have mentioned before some of the wonderful animal blogs I try to read as often as possible.  I have a list of some I think are the very best off  there to the right.  Recently we had a visit from  Flat Puglet  who is helping spread the word about  recycled dogs  of all kinds.  
The Pug behind the Project has his own blog,  The Daily Puglet,  which is always a delight.  And for those of you who, for whatever reason, would rather see  COWS  than an adorable pug,  (we are not judging here,)  Puglet gives you something to look at as well.

But this past week Puglet made the most adorable, entertaining and educational Earth Day Video which I will share with you below.  OR  (or as well)  you can go visit The Daily Puglet to view it – which I strongly recommend.  There is so much more to see  and learn and enjoy on Puglet’s blog.

For a great smile and an inspirational video – push play!


March 30, 2010

Mom! Come back and PLAY!

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Please enter my  Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce  giveaway that ends Saturday!

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