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June 7, 2011

Dream Sharing To Create Success (Part 1)

The introduction to what I am doing here is in the previous post.
It became so long I divided it into two posts.

What is the typical way one begins to search for a way to make money from home, from a blog, or even from their backyard or beachfront hammock? 

When I first started my journey towards being wealthy and happy there were ads in the back of magazines.  Is that still done today?  

Most will use their favorite search engine with terms like “Work from Home” or “Make Money Online.”     

     How many zillions of pages turn up with such a search? 

Just because one page is high on the results or shows up frequently in the first few pages does that mean this site is the best answer for you?  Does it even mean it is a legitimate opportunity?

How does one know who is honest, who has your best interests on their agenda, along with making money themselves, who is qualified to lead you? 

(Image source)

How can one protect herself not only from financial loss and the influx of dozens of email she does not desire but also from humiliation, frustration and wasting precious time?

Besides researching opportunities one must also look into scams and complaints. Remember no one will please everyone. Even the “Good Guys” draw complaints and criticism.

More considerations determining the length and enjoyability of your success journey are knowing WHY you want to earn money and WHY you choose the methods you choose.

I admit I am an over thinker.   

I try not to be a pessimist but I like to know some options.

Will you write e-books or submit articles to print or digital publications?
Will you sell your crafts or found treasures from an online shop (I have some sources to share for these areas also) or a booth.
Are you looking for passive affiliate income?  Jill did a nice post on this.

Are you confident enough for work that requires recruiting other associates?

Just like any goal program, weight loss or education or learning a new creative skill, having others to talk to, to listen, to share experiences with, is crucial to not only moving forward but to enjoying one’s journey.

Being miserable with the hopes of finding something called success is never the right way. 

The cliché that success is a journey not a destination is 100% true.
One never arrives at success even when one experiences success along the way.

If you have read this far let me thank you profusely.

If you would like to know more of my thoughts, please visit again. I will try to be informative.
If you just want to know who inspires me to think these crazy thoughts, please visit my inspiration page.

I would love to know who inspires you and if you have a mentor.

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June 20, 2010

Bittersweet Bluesday

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In recent posts I told you that my van is out of commission.  I rely on the kindness of others to take me out thrifting.  This means I can not pick up any large items, even if free.  Plus it means that I try to take up as little space in their vehicle with my “treasures” as I can, also to make it convenient to carry things into the house myself.
(When I have my own vehicle I can leave things in the van and move them about at my leisure.
  Oh, the things we take for granted.)

Well, I think I packed things a touch too tightly.

I love the deep cobalt blue of this vase, as well as the size and shape.
The small snowman inside a glass globe stuck in the vase mouth was from a free box.

When I “set” the globe on top of the vase I thought I was keeping it safe, without endangering my 75 cent purchase.

Now the dilemma.  Should I have to break one to free the other,  of course I want to save the vase.  But I am thinking that if it fit in,  it has to come back out.

Am I wrong?

My next thought is that I do not want to cut my hand and have an E.R. visit added to the cost of my treasures.

So – expand or contract.
Should I heat it up

or cool the glass?


Fortunately neither extreme was necessary.
He didn’t say exactly how he did it,  but he used his “magic touch.”


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May 31, 2010

Is Yours A Victory Garden?

photo from LaManda Joy,

For many people the phrase “Victory Garden” is too closely tied to times of conflict and war.  In its place,  other terms have sprung to life:  self sufficiency,  homesteading,  peace gardens,  liberty gardens,  edible landscapes, and more.

The image above is a new twist on the classic Rosie the Riveter.


I will be writing more about the history of the Victory Garden and other ways those of us at home can show patriotism and contribute to the well being of the American Way of Life, but for today I want to show some inspirational posters of the same sentiments.

Note, also, Patriotism is not only an American ideal.
Similar emotions, ideas, and projects are taken up by citizens of all nations.


What do you call your garden?
Are you gardening more in these troubled times?
What other ways are you economizing
and practicing self-sufficiency?

May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute

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United States War Dog Memorial


April 18, 2010

Daily Puglet Goes Green – Shows You How

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I have mentioned before some of the wonderful animal blogs I try to read as often as possible.  I have a list of some I think are the very best off  there to the right.  Recently we had a visit from  Flat Puglet  who is helping spread the word about  recycled dogs  of all kinds.  
The Pug behind the Project has his own blog,  The Daily Puglet,  which is always a delight.  And for those of you who, for whatever reason, would rather see  COWS  than an adorable pug,  (we are not judging here,)  Puglet gives you something to look at as well.

But this past week Puglet made the most adorable, entertaining and educational Earth Day Video which I will share with you below.  OR  (or as well)  you can go visit The Daily Puglet to view it – which I strongly recommend.  There is so much more to see  and learn and enjoy on Puglet’s blog.

For a great smile and an inspirational video – push play!


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