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July 12, 2013

Welcome Mad Tea Partiers!

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In case I was logged into wordpress when I commented on your blog and you ended up here, may I invite you to visit me at the following link


and please look for a post from me for the August OZ party sponsored by
The Domestic Witch!


October 30, 2011

Witch Hunt

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I appreciate you continuing to visit while I deal with computer and life issues.

Hopefully soon I will be back to posting here and making party announcements here.

September 23, 2011

Could The Witches Next Door Be Neighbors Too?

How well do you know the people next door?      Are they really what they seem?

Sally Owens wanted only to be the girl next door, to have a loving relationship
and children of her own.

Sadly, that was not to be her path in life.
She was not unhappy with the family she did share her life with.

She truly loved them dearly and would not want that part of her life to change.
Let’s face it- if you never got to associate with anyone but your immediate family,
you’d feel your life was missing something, wouldn’t you?

Who lives in the house next to you, or down the block?

The one with the beautiful flowers and the porch to die for?

Do you stop and say hello when you see someone working in the yard?

If the person in the yard looked something like this

I could see your hesitation but take away the green hue to her skin

and if you did not want her living next door I am sure your husband or son would not mind.

Who knows who will grow up to be a real witch? 

Sweet little Mary who worked with the blind children
could change her name to Vivian. 

 (Little House On The Prairie)

                             (Midnight Offerings)



Ahh, you say.  I have nothing to worry about.
The family next to me is so normal.

 Well, no, I have never stopped over and introduced myself,

and sometimes I see they dress up their cat,

not that I ever look into their windows.

The neighbors on the other side have the cutest little girl.

Come to think of it, I have not seen their dogs in a while.

Her husband is a bit uptight, though.  Maybe he is the one who’s not human?

(You do not have to watch more than a few seconds)


When you have the opportunity this week, please take a moment to say a kind word to your neighbors.
You may find a new friend or make a connection that turns out to be magical.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful and beautiful Miss Anna of Frosted Petunias for bringing us all together to celebrate this  enchanting movie.
Practical Magic Party List

Let me also mention Miss Anna is hosting a Witches Tea in October.
Click here for more details. 

I hope you will also return October 22nd to visit with me when I link up with the creative Vanessa  for her annual Halloween party.  I’d love if you party along and join in with a post.

Linking this post to Bacon Time with the Hungry Hippo’s Any Link Goes party.


Now a shameless plea of my own – please visit my party announcement blog where in the next few days I will be listing pages of parties, too many to fit one post.  If you do not mind, I would love to have a few followers.

If you would like me to add your favorite party or seasonal activity,
please email me at wismomworks (at) gmail (dot) com

And now, just for fun….

July 6, 2010

Hot Enough For You?

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Like that famous witch

does anyone feel like you are



If she will have me, I am linking up to A Southern Daydreamer’s Outdoor Wednesday.

And a big wave HELLO to all the Wordless Wednesday  participants.

June 23, 2010

It’s Not Easy Thrifting Green

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This week I have been trying to show off last weekends thrifty treasures by color.  Blue was simple, I have an abundance of blues.  Red was not bad, I have more reds to showcase.  I even have some Whites, which is quite unlike me,  living here on the farm of mud and dust.  I could show you browns by the dozen, and some interesting blacks.  Naturally there is purple.
However today I have chosen Green.

A tiny thin Japan made teacup. (.10)
That’s all, you say?
Nothing more?  Nothing fun, interesting, amazing?
It’s not very green,  just the trim.


Well, I did get these shoes for a steal ($1)
and I wear them when I am salen.
I’ll search harder.

Duckie (.10) and scrub things part of dollar store items (only showing green)

Oh, you see a hint of something else?

Who doesn’t think witch when they think green? (.25)
And the birdseed came with an entire cage setup, really nice cage. ($2)
Yes, another tree face, this one glows in the dark. (.50)
A fan for the dogs when we travel, got another one in blue. ($1)
And the yard globes both have green to them, one just does not show up as well.
I bought them a couple weeks ago and since I needed to find green items, here they are.
I did splurge and spend a bit more for them,  $5 for the pair.

When you go thrifting, does there seem to be a certain color missing?

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